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The Drive on Moscow - 1941 (1 copy left)

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Operation Taifun and Germany's First Great Crisis in World War II

By Niklas Zetterling and Anders Frankson

An in-depth account of the climax of Operation Barbarossa, and perhaps the true high tide of German fortunes in World War II....

At the end of September 1941, more than a million German soldiers were poised along a front just 180 miles away from Moscow. They were well trained, confident through experience, and had good reasons to hope that the war in the East would be over with one last offensive. Facing them was an equally large but less experienced Soviet force. When the Germans struck, disaster soon befell the Soviet defenders-- within a few weeks, most of them were marching into captivity. The roads to Moscow were now open and the culmination of the war was at hand, however, the Soviet capital did not fall....
This book examines both German and Soviet improvisations during this last huge offensive against Moscow. The authors use archival records, personal diaries, letters and other sources to recreate the battle from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the generals, and narrates how immense sacrifice on both sides finally resulted in the failure of German hopes and thus the eventual Soviet and Allied triumph.

Paperback - 336 Pages - $9.95 Inc. S/H (US) Canada S/H $9.00

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