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RMS Lusitania - A History in Picture Postcards


Stunning postcards reveal the history of the ill-fated Lusitania

Using rare period postcards from his personal collection, maritime researcher Eric Sauder tells the history of Cunard's legendary Lusitania from construction to her tragic sinking in 1915 by a German torpedo. Lusitania was the largest liner in the world when she was built and was also technologically superior to anything that then existed, setting the standard for every transatlantic liner to follow. Her story is one of supreme triumph yet also devastating loss. Through often previously unpublished postcards, this gripping maritime story is brought to life. These vivid postcards offer a fascinating glimpse into every part of the ship's career and loss, including construction, fitting out, trials, service, interiors, people, sinking, graves, and propaganda. Originally published at $24.95. Now only $12.95 + $4.50 S/H

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