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Profiles:The Helsinki Monitors: Human Rights Violation Trackers


Unique Historical Document from the cold war era
and the fight for human rights in the Soviet Union!

Compiled and Prepared by the Staff of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Washinton, D.C. Revised December 10,1979
In May of 1976, a group of Soviet citizens dedicated themselves to promoting compliance by their government with the humanitarian provisions of the Helsinki Final Act. Collecting and disseminating information on violations of those provisions, these human rights activists thereby expressed their stated conviction that "the issues of humanitarianism and freedom of information have a direct relationship to the problem of international security." Respect for human rights in the USSR, they held, is a precondition for the development of a solid East-West detente.

Entries Include:
Elena Georgievna Bonner (wife of Andrei Sakharov) - Petro Grigoryevich Grygorenko - Ivan Sergeivich Kovalev - Malva Noevnya Landa - Naum Natakovich Meiman - Yuri Fyodorovich Orlov
(See Photos Left)
Includes members from Soviet Union, Lithuanian, Ukraine, etc
Only one copy available!
85 pages, B/W (Some stains visible on page edges)

$29.95 inc. S/H

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