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The Automobile - The first 100 years(PD721)

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Hit of the Century The First 100 Years 1886 – 1986

Come along with us on an exciting journey by car through the first 100 years of automotive history – ever since Karl Benz applied for his patent in 1886, his invention revolutionized the world.

Shown here are decisive moments in the development of the automobile and its enormous influence on our lives.

In thirteen lively episodes on 3 DVDs, and with numerous comprehensive examples, this remarkable production high-lights the technical as well as the economical, and cultural footprints the automobile left on society. Here is a truly exciting and extensive historical document. Narrated in English-language

Episodes / Chapter List:
• The Birth of the Automobile
• It All Started with Benz
• Motorization Takes Off
• The Power of the Engine
• Looks Aren’t Everything
• A Car for Everyone
• A Dream Comes True
• Faster and Faster
• In War and Peace
• The Road to Prosperity
• Can We Live Without the Automobile
• The Automobile and the Environment
• The Future of the Automobile

3 DVD Set - 350 Minutes. $19.99 + $7.00 S/H
English Language

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