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Beautiful Planet - Germany and Austria

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Beautiful Planet - Germany and Austria -England and the Low Countries
A Visual Journey around the globe in stunning High-Definition!

Embark on an unforgettable journey,
In this spectacular guided tour of the world's most marvelous sights and places, all shot in brilliant high definition. Capturing the nature and culture of these exotic destinations, this documentary series offers a vivid and entertaining portrait of the history and significance of distant cities and countries.

Travel through Germany to cities such as Bamberg, a city built on 7 hills and enjoy Old Town, Germany's historic center. Witness the historically and culturally important city of Speyer on the Upper Rhine, and St. Mary's Cathedral, one of the largest and meaningful Romanesque churches in the world. In Austria, you'll experience the extraordinary and diverse landscape of the Hallstatt region and travel to Schonbrunn to tour the glorious Schonbrunn Palace. It is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria.

Get ready to discover and experience, in amazing high definition, one magnificent architectural and scenic attraction after another across our most beautiful planet!

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