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25 June 1943 MIA - The Search for Miss Deal and The Early Raiders of the Reich


The stories in this book reflect the dedication of the B-17 crews fighting a losing battle in 1943 and early 1944. The missions to bomb the German industrial targets were dreaded by the crews. It was obvious to all the flyers that they were not going to make their twenty-five missions and get a free ticket home.
In 1999 a search was initiated for two MIA B-17 crew members from the aircraft "Miss Deal". One of them was my uncle - Charles Crawford. The search uncovered a number of lost Flying Fortresses and crews that were shot down. Writing of dozens of letters to politicians and the Joint Prisoner of War, Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC) led to a promise by the Department of Defense to lift the wreck and return the flyer’s remains to their families.
(The project to lift the wreck and return remains will begin in May 2018)

228 Pages - 8 x 10 inches x .05

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