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The Railways of Southern Germany (DVD)

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The Railways of Southern Germany

A Survey of the Historic & Picturesque Rails of Southern Germany!

This survey of the Railways of Southern Germany begins on the Belgian border at Aachen and proceeds down the castle-strewn Rhine to Mainz. We visit private railways such as the Frankfurt-Königsteiner and observe the striking contrast between an old TEE 6-car unit and the ICE experimental train on the Neubaustrecke. There are railways along the many river valleys and we follow the Neckar to Mannheim, the headquarters of two narrow gauge railways and the point where we join the Rhine again.
Among Germany's most famous trains was the old Rheingold and we follow a steam-hauled outing of the violet and ivory train from Karlsruhe to Bad Herrenalb in the Black Forest including the preserved Wutachtal Railway where large stea engines fight their way around tortuos curves and soaring viaducts. The program ends in Bavaria an Nürnberg, the place where railways in Germany began, but not before visiting connections to Austria and Czechoslovakia. A closing highlight is at the rack railway to the top of Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze.

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