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Austrian Desserts

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Austrian Desserts
by Toni Mörwald and Christoph Wagner
Photographs by Ulrike Köb

For Austrians, dessert is the culmination of any meal - the crowning achievement that can make or break a culinary experience. In this beautifully photographed cookbook, Austrian pastry master Toni Mörwald and award-winning restaurant critic Christoph Wagner share the secrets to crafting more than four hundred perfect Austrian desserts. From Old World traditionaldishes, such as Linzer torte and apfelstrudel, tocontemporary and diet conscious recipes, Austrian Desserts has it all. With easy-to-understand instructions, Mörwald and Wagner allow chefs of any skill level to create and serve:

Iced Temptations for sultry summer days - Fresh berry roasts and pies - Crème Brûlée with an Austrian twist - And so much more!

©2016 445 Pages - Over 400 Recipes - Originally Published at $22.99

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